Commentator introduction: Aino-Kaisa Koistinen

Aino-Kaisa Koistinen (PhD, Contemporary Culture Studies, JYU; Adjunct Professor, Media Culture, University of Turku) is a postdoctoral reserarcher at the Research Centre for Contemporary Culture. She has worked in several projects such as Abusive Sexuality and Sexual Violence in Contemporary Culture, Transmedia Literacy, Uses of Fantasy (Finnish sub-project of the Global Hobbit Project) and Dialogue and Argumentation for Cultural Literacy in Schools. She is also part of the project Caring Futures; developing care ethics for technology-mediated care practices (University of Stavanger, 2020-2024).

Koistinen has spent time as a visiting researcher at the University of Linköping (April 2014) and as a visiting teacher in San Diego State University (February 2018). During 2020-2021 she is affiliated with Posthumanities Hub at the University of Linköping. Moreover, Koistinen is part of the international Monster Network and the chair of FINFAR – Finnish Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy Research.

You can find more information on her university profile page.

Call for Papers published

The call for papers for next year’s spring seminar has now been published. Monstrosity will be the 17th annual spring seminar hosted by Tampere University Game Research Lab and the Center of Excellence in Game Culture Studies. The seminar follows our traditional work-in-progress format; all papers are distributed to all participants ahead of the seminar. This means that we can have a lively and informed discussion at the seminar.

Notice that this year the seminar takes place online.