2021 | Images

Please note that you are viewing an archived page from the 2021 Spring Seminar, and not the current one.

Here are the header images used on this website. All images are either public domain or used with permission based on either license or contact with the author.

Photo of alien creature
Universal Pictures / Public domain
Photo of gill man
Universal Pictures / Public domain
Picture of a dinosaur lantern at the Burning the Clocks festival in Brighton 21.12.2019
Photographer Armi Friman
Photo of a group of troll statues in Fløyen, Bergen, 1.12.2018
Photographer Usva Friman
Photo of a troll statue in Fløyen, Bergen, 1.12.2018
Photographer Pekka Heljakka
Photo of painted wall of ghost train ride
Photographer Wikimedia user Spielvogel, CC BY-SA 4.0 license
Illustration of purple worm
Illustrator Mariana Ruiz Villareal / Public domain (CC0 license)