Party! is the 19th spring seminar organised by Tampere University Game Research Lab. The seminar series has been running annually since 2005. The theme changes each year, as do the expert commentators. The Game Research Lab Spring Seminar is the longest running international game studies seminar.

The seminar emphasises dialogue and constructive feedback, and has always welcomed also work-in-progress submissions, late-breaking results, working papers, as well as submissions from graduate and PhD students. The purpose of the seminar is to have peer-to-peer discussions and thereby provide support in refining and improving research work in this area.

Party! takes place on 4-5 May 2023. The seminar will be held at Tampere University, Finland, and it is free of charge. The seminar is augmented with a physical visit to The Finnish Museum of Games and other social programme. The seminar is hosted by the Tampere University Game Research Lab and organised in collaboration with the Center of Excellence in Game Culture Studies.

The header images for the seminar web pages were created with Crayion online editor at crayion.com. Party-related text entries were submitted to the AI model that draws images from any text prompt. Creative manual labor was used to crop and fit the images to the website.