Social Program: Follow My Lead

During the spring seminar, there is a possibiity to try out a short, two-hour larp!

Larp researcher Hanne Grasmo would like to invite you to one of the art-larps she has written about, both in her first article “Nordic Erotic Larp: Designing for Sexual Arousal” and in the paper for the Spring Seminar. There will be talking, moving, touching and music. We will use covid-masks and hand-sanitizer during runtime.

Follow My Lead is a non-verbal larp (live action role-play) about kink exploration and kink negotiation that gives participants the alibi and tools to artistically play with submission and domination. Most of the experience is the workshop before the larp, where we negotiate, and that is of course verbal. It is a super lesson in consent!

Each character is either a Dominant or a Submissive and has a particular power dynamics kink. During the game they will search for their ideal kink-matched partner while leading, or being led, through the game space. The game is played through a series of rounds (each 15-20 minutes). In each round, all Submissives encounter all the Dominants, one by one, in a series of scenes. Each scene lasts the length of a song.

The event will run from 16.30 to latest 18.30 on Thursday May 5th.

The larp requires between 6 and 10 participants. If there are fewer sign-ups, Hanne will talk about the larp and show-case parts of it.

Sign up for the larp here!